Maggie Lentz

Certified Health Coach

American Council for Exercises, USA Track & Field

I was diagnosed with depression when I was 15 years old. My whole life I’ve been on the up and down roller coaster of prescription medication and self-help. I am a health and wellness coach, an athlete and an entrepreneur and my life is very hectic. I must balance between being a stay at home working mom and also pursuing different goals in life as well as in businesses.

When I started the protocol with Dr. Rasheed I was blown away with her approach. I had never encountered a medical doctor with such detail and holistic regards to my mental health care. I have always taken medication, but I know that medication for my condition doesn’t cure it but helps manage daily life as a mental health patient. However, as a wellness coach I know the root of the problem has to be addressed. No one addressed it until I found New Horizons. I never really understood how this treatment would completely positively change my life because. I never knew I had Anxiety, ADHD as well as a slight form of dyslexia and OCD. All I was told was that I had depression so all I have ever been treated for during the last 26 years of my life was depression. That’s it. Everything else was left undiagnosed and worse untreated because no one could detect it. Until Dr. Rasheed did. Finally, it all made sense. My life and my condition made sense. She gave me the power of knowledge.

I am a believer in her approach. It’s what I knew has been missing from seeing different psychiatrists and therapists through my life. I’ve never really been given a diagnosis like the one I was given by Dr. Shama Rasheed with all the technology and accuracy, based on a clinical research approach. She developed a tailor-made plan for my condition, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

It has taken me so long to find the detailed care herself and her staff has made sure I have. I am 100% satisfied with every treatment that I get. As a health advocate myself, this level of care is what we are missing from our medical field, where the root cause is not usually addressed, and if it is, the approach of “have a pill” to treat symptoms and not the person herself, is a detriment to everyone on this day and age.

Thank you, Dr. Rasheed, and everyone at New Horizon’s. I owe you so much. Thank you.

Michelle Holdren

Budding Entrepreneur

Nov 2019 I started my DTMS therapy. February 2020 was the end of my therapy but the beginning of my life. dTMS has given me freedom to be me. I no longer feel overwhelmed with feelings. I'm very level headed and can function day to day with ease and comfort now. Thank you Dr. Rasheed for everything you have done for me over the years. Everyone that works at the clinic became family to me and made the whole experience absolutely perfect. I'm so happy to not have to take 7 different medications anymore.

Crystal Holmes

Neurodiversity Coach

The services in my program were a key catalyst and inflection point that transformed my life from drab in a weary chase of dependency relief to an effervescent feeling of aliveness equipped to weather life’s storms naturally. I learned my DNA gene disposition, lifestyle factors & insights that drove the presentation of my symptoms under medical labels and their role into my health profile. This enabled me to make conscious choices to manage my well-being, heal naturally without harsh side effects and make sustainable life change.

Dr. Rasheed gave undivided attention to listen with empathy to my world, tease out my needs. She conveyed information in a way that I could understand. She invested in placing a premium on your entire experience. I trust that she was well versed in latest developments, emerging trends and innovative treatment options that helped increase my awareness. This engendered a well-rounded program designed to suit my health needs and aligned with my desire for holistic, natural support in health. Overall her upbeat personality, servant leadership, keen sense to tune into details, your body language and emotions brings an elevated quality to care that transcends patient-focused care of familiarity with a chart. Rather, its relational patient care that sees the human side of me. Now I am not just living, I’m thriving!

Derek Willis

Engineering Supervisor

I was just starting to rebound from the worst major depressive episode of my life by the time I met with Dr Rasheed. Over the course of several weeks, I’d been to no less than five other medical professionals to get the help that I needed, help that I’d put off searching for too long. The impersonal and formulaic treatment from other doctors was a source of major frustration for me, so Dr. Rasheed’s caring and attentive style was a breath of fresh air. Not only did I receive the holistic care that I’d always longed for, I also found and continue to find answers to questions about my condition that I’ve asked for all of my adult life. Ultimately, Dr. Rasheed and the treatment that she’s prescribed has given me hope through a belief that I can be healed.

Maria Sol Gomez, M. Ed

Wife, Mom, Bilingual Educator, Entrepreneur

I’ve had sleeping problems for over ten years! Before seeing Dr. Rasheed I was diagnosed with mild insomnia and given medication to “band-aid” the problem. I relied on a very busy doctor’s diagnosis, who never seemed to have time to clearly explain my problem. He just said “take this medication and I’ll see you in a year.” The two medications he put me on helped me sleep, but were not beneficial to my energy I felt tired all the time, even though I had slept all night.

I was introduced to Dr. Rasheed by my sister who has really benefited from her treatments. When I met Dr. Rasheed it was obvious she cared for her patients and she was easy to talk to. When the brain mapping results came in, it was the first time I SAW exactly what I had. I was no longer relying on someone else’s diagnosis. I finally felt like I knew exactly what was wrong with me. Due to the lack of sleep all these years, some anxiety and depression were also present in the results. I started Dr. Rasheed’s micronutrient infusion and blue light therapy and she has also switched my medication to help me with the daily fatigue. Currently I’m in the middle of the treatment and I still have about a month more to go. Her staff is caring and professional and make this treatment very pleasant.

So far I’m very happy with the results. I really like New Horizon Hospital and Dr. Rasheed’s holistic approach to my problem and I definitely recommend you take the time to talk to her about your problem. I look forward to having better sleep at night and more energy during the day!

Other Testimonials

Jamie Kelly

Business Development

Well where do I begin? When I first started seeing Dr. Rasheed I felt hopeless , lost, and broken. From the first step out of the door of her office I felt safe , hopeful, relieved , and finally feeling like I can breathe again I was a work in progress and now I can say I’m living my best life. Many thanks to Dr. Rasheed and wonderful office staff at NHH.


Technology Sales

I had long term effects from Covid-19 including fatigue, memory loss, reduced attention, and other physical symptoms.

Dr. Rasheed provided a tailored approach with advanced therapy that has had tremendous results. Having the EEG brain mapping allowed her determine areas to focus the Neurofeedback for reorganizing and retraining brain signals. Paired with the IV infusions & NAD it boosted my overall health and wellness. The nurses and staff at New Horizon Hospital truly care for your well-being.


Special Education Teacher

Dr.Rasheed AKA “Dr.Barbie” is truly an Amazing Woman! She has helped me through many stages of life. Talking to her is truly just talking to a friend! She always has the right words to say and knows how to turn my day Around! Her innovative medical treatments always sound intimidating, but they truly help you heal! I don’t know where I would be without her in my Life!


Fire Fighter / Police Officer

I have been a career firefighter for 18 years and a police officer for 13 years. Throughout my career I have experienced many positive moments along with many unfortunate moments.

Throughout my career, I have seen a significant amount of loss of life among co workers and citizens and it began taking a toll on me, mentally and emotionally. I began experiencing depression, loss of interest in the careers that I once loved, and reoccurring thoughts and visuals of traumatic events. I eventually realized that getting through these events and dealing with these events could not be done alone. That’s when I turned to Dr. Rasheed for help.

With the help of the New Horizon staff and treatments, as well as medication and the spiritual conversations Dr. Rasheed has provided, she has been a life saver and I have actually started enjoying my professions again. Her assistance has also help improve my social life, that has also been affected by my depression. I truly cannot imagine where I would be without her help.